My draft folder gets fuller and fuller of these articles that I begin writing but never publish.

I feel very comfortable talking about my life, literature, and language but I frequently write about (or at least think thoroughly about) controversial issues like religion, sexuality, feminism, politics, and more. These are topics that I care deeply about but I rarely manage to publish a thought on them.

My last post was on race. That one was tough, but I followed it through because I really wanted to talk about it. These controversial issues aren’t more important to me than literature or language, but I still really want to talk about them.

From my computer, I read a lot of articles and watch a lot of videos in which people share their perspectives on these issue and I can always think of something to add, something that hasn’t been said yet. I always have something I want to offer to these discussions but I hesitate. I’ve had lots of fruitful conversations about these issues in person, but a lot of my thoughts on these matters are recent developments that I’m itching to share.

The internet is unfortunately a terrible platform for speaking about controversy. A video can adequately express an idea, but a blog is harder to take seriously. I think about people’s reactions while I’m writing articles and most of the sensitive ones never get published. So they just build up in my draft folder.

Now, I love a good image. I love a good metaphor. And my literature-student brain asked me, “What does this say about me?” Does this older full of drafts never published due to fear of reactions say anything about my personality? Unfortunately, I think it does.

But I can at least get one post out of it.


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