What Does A Human Look Like?

I try to draw a human, which seems to be the trickiest subject. I start with a hand and it turns our alright. Then the forearm – an improvement over previous forearms. Then I stop paying attention and just draw.

The end result could be called ‘stylized’ and I would take it as a compliment. I’m discouraged but urged to finish. And, no, it’s not yet finished. There’s a lesson to be learned from every failure and I’m determined to find that lesson. I decide my subject should feel what I feel. I give him some vague notion to think about and I watch it fall to pieces as it comes out of his fingertips.

I name it “What Does A Human Look Like?”What Does A Human Look Like

Having mitigated the doodle, I review my work and try to figure out what I should improve. This observation dawns on me: discipline in art is not a process of finding better tools. The pencil is sufficient. The words I use in poetry are the same words used by Emily Dickinson and Dylan Thomas. Poor art does not result from poor tools; it only occasionally results from bad ideas.

Poor art is most often the fault of the medium between ideas and tools – the artist. Good art is the product not of finding better tools but shaping a better self, improving the connection between their inside world and outside world. The artist is bettered and hopefully their works will inspire others to do the same.

And even our weaker works can say something of worth.


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